3D Printing wheel arches

3D Printing Wheel Arches

This week my printer have been busy 3D printing wheel arches for the robot. The rear wheel arches “top covers” are divided into two parts for each side. I started of by printing the smaller rear part which was a 15 hours print. All parts where printed with a 0.6mm nozzle and the layers came out […]

Second wheel 3d printed with PETG
3d-print robot lawnmower


Tonight Part 10 was finished, the second wheel for the Valify Robot lawnmower. The print took around 44h and conusmed approximately 550grams of PrimaSelect PETG filament. I was running this part with 3 shells and 15% infill because the wheel has to handle bumps and other forces. The part that came out OK. I could see minimal lifting […]

part 5 3D printed
3d-print robot lawnmower

Part 5 is ready

So the fifth part for the robot is ready. It is a mirror from the fourth part ( opposit side). I took again 33h to complete. In the post about Part 4 I had some troubles with warping making the part oblique making the support beam not fit perfectly, that later caused 3 small cracks […]