VESC_packet.cpp fix vesc fw3.3
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ROS Driver VESC 3.33 Firmware Fix

In order to be able to use encoders on the HW pins on the VESC (avoid modification of the VESC hall sensor filter) one need to upgrade the Firmware to a later version with the option //#define AS5047_USE_HW_SPI_PINS 1 in the conf_general.h file. by uncommenting that line the VESC will use HW ports to communicate with the encoder. If […]

3D printed motor mounts with PrimaSelect PETG
3d-print robot lawnmower

Motor Mounts

The other day I 3d printed some tests to calibrate the PrimaSelect PETG filament. One of the tests included the motor mounts for the Robot and they actually came out great. Yes maybe not 100% in beauty, but they are unbreakable (I even hit them with hammer with some minor scratches as a result). So I […]