VESC_packet.cpp fix vesc fw3.3
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ROS Driver VESC 3.33 Firmware Fix

In order to be able to use encoders on the HW pins on the VESC (avoid modification of the VESC hall sensor filter) one need to upgrade the Firmware to a later version with the option //#define AS5047_USE_HW_SPI_PINS 1 in the conf_general.h file. by uncommenting that line the VESC will use HW ports to communicate with the encoder. If […]

Removing R11-13 VESC
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VESC Remove Hall Sensor Filter

Please note that I take no responsibility for damage to you or your hardware.. In order to get an straight connection from the input from a encoder one need to remove the hall sensor filter on the VESC, explained here My VECS´s are slithy different then the original VESC´s created by Benjamin Vedder. The VESC I have […]

Tachometer RPM measure
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Gearing Ratio and Pulley Designs

Before switching over to BLDC motors, I was going to use brushed DC motors with planetary gear. I did a few test runs with the brushed DC motors with a Roboclaw motor controller and was not happy with the noise from the motor/gears (the robot was doing to much noise). One advantage with the planetary gear was […]