part 5 3D printed
3d-print robot lawnmower

Part 5 is ready

So the fifth part for the robot is ready. It is a mirror from the fourth part ( opposit side). I took again 33h to complete. In the post about Part 4 I had some troubles with warping making the part oblique making the support beam not fit perfectly, that later caused 3 small cracks […]

3D printed motor mounts with PrimaSelect PETG
3d-print robot lawnmower

Motor Mounts

The other day I 3d printed some tests to calibrate the PrimaSelect PETG filament. One of the tests included the motor mounts for the Robot and they actually came out great. Yes maybe not 100% in beauty, but they are unbreakable (I even hit them with hammer with some minor scratches as a result). So I […]