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PyVESC fix for newer VESC firmware

So the PyVESC is aimed at being a easy to use and robust python implementation of the communication protocol used by the VESC. When I first tested it, I had trouble getting it to work properly. Since it has not been updated for a while and does not support those newer VESC firmwares.

So here is fix for the read response in

fields = [
            ('temp_fet_filtered', 'H', 10),
            ('temp_motor_filtered', 'e', 1),
            ('avg_motor_current', 'i', 100),
            ('avg_input_current', 'i', 100),
            ('avg_id', 'f', 1),
            ('avg_iq', 'f', 1),
            ('duty_cycle_now', 'h', 10),
            ('rpm', 'i', 1),
            ('input_voltage', 'h', 10),
            ('amp_hours',  'i', 10000),
            ('amp_hours_charged',  'i', 10000),
            ('watt_hours', 'i', 10000),
            ('watt_hours_charged', 'i', 10000),
            ('tachometer_value', 'i', 1),
            ('tachometer_abs_value', 'i', 1),
            ('fault', 'b', 1)


You find the fix on Github

How to use PyVESC? see PyVESC Documentation




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