ODrive – High performance motor control for robotic

So recently I got the opportunity to try the Odrive control for robotics. The ODrive is an open source dual channel motor controller created by Oskar Weigl. It comes packed with a lot of different features and can handle up to 100A per channel.

Some of the features includes:

  • Goto (position control with trajectory planning)
  • Position commands
  • Velocity command
  • Torque command

The biggest difference between Odrive and the VESC is the positions commands. The Odrive handles postions command on encoder counts and also have the ability of trajectory planning, which the VESC does not yet have. One Would could almost say that VESC so-called positions command is a servo controller that handles an angle of 180° per call. For some applications this will be a problem.


Testing Odrive position commands


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