Ardumower 2.0

Ardumower Arctic Hare (Update 2)

Holiday is over and the printer (Raise3D N2 +) is back on duty. Piece by piece the body is coming together quite nicely. When doing a design (concept) I always want to test print every part and do adjustment before sharing it. I sometimes found it hard to visualize everything within the CAD environment and need to touch and see the parts in real life to get a better sense of what’s working good/bad in the design (When alot of parts need to be fitted together)

For the Ardumower Arctic Hare we added the ability to mount two mower motors (this is as an extra choice of course). Each mower can be adjusted in height.

The Rim/wheel are designed to use an outer FLEX shell with spikes for a quieter and softer ride (and of course, better grip).

For the first prototype we will use the orginal front wheel. Later on we will explore the option to change this to something else (like 3D printed wheel).

In the picture above one can see the current progress of the build. New parts is cooming together everyday. The black PCB lid, which is open in the picture, will provide easily accessible to the PCB and the electrical parts without the need to unmount everything for troubleshooting or other modifications. Under the Ardumower PCB, an battery box is located. which can hold two Ardumower power packs, Which of course again is optional, but would be recommended if one choose to build Ardumower with two mowers. In any case this will provide the ability  to increase drive time. The PCB lid will be available in two different versions, with a small OLED display or Without. 

As one can see in the picture we also added the option in the back of the robot to mount a display. This is of course an optional feature, But we would like to provide the ability for the users to mount a display.

exploded view:
exploded view of the chassis and parts.

All Hardware (PCB, Motors, …) from the Ardumower 1.0 can be mounted directly in the chassis. The design is adapted for Ardumower hardware.  We try to customize the chassis so that as many parts as possible can be reused from chassis 1.0. Aluminum profiles will be available (in correct lengths and with mountings) in the marotronics store.


That was all for the moment, I will update as the build proceeds.

Any feedback or suggestions? Just drop me a comment. 🙂 and dont forget to visit Ardumower.



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4 thoughts on “Ardumower Arctic Hare (Update 2)”

  1. Hey,
    May you update this project? Is it complete now? It would be also great if you share a bom of special hardware parts like the rubber damper you use to connect upper and lower part of chassis.
    How does the zpper part act as damper? Are there micro switches or hall sensors

    1. Hi Patrick. I will update it soon. Quite busy right now. But not many parts left. The rubber damper is orginal ardumower.
      We havent decieded yet if we will use swtiches or not. I will make room for the bumb-dino in the front wheel bracket also. (optional).

  2. Congratulations for this beautiful achievement.
    I would like to know if the project “Arctic Hare” is still current and in progress (no activity on Thingiverse)? Could you please share the rubber tires and the wheels (even if you need a print surface greater than 20×20), because I would like to be able to print them and see this beautiful object move. Thank you very much in advance.
    Good continuation.

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