AS5048A 1x8 pin header

AS5048A Rotary Position Sensor + VESC

Yesterday I received a bunch of different encoders that I will test one by one In a near future. Lets start by with the ams A5848A. The AS5048A is a 14-bit rotary position sensor (previously known as encoder) for absolute angular measurement and with a PWM (=pulse width modulation) output over a full turn of 360° based on […]

Removing R11-13 VESC
motors VESC

VESC Remove Hall Sensor Filter

Please note that I take no responsibility for damage to you or your hardware.. In order to get an straight connection from the input from a encoder one need to remove the hall sensor filter on the VESC, explained here My VECS´s are slithy different then the original VESC´s created by Benjamin Vedder. The VESC I have […]