Drive system final design
Drive system

Drive System Design Completion

So this weekended I have been working on finishing the design of the drive system. I have updated the initial design of the 2-pulley gearing into a 4-pulley gearing. The main reason for the update is to have the ability the to achieve a lower wheel surface speed. The brackets are also designed with adjustable offsets, so each component can be adjusted to tighten the belt, or allowing a easy change off pulley sizes without redoing brackets.

Drive system update
Drive system update

In the gearing in the picture above will reduce 1000RPM to a theoretical 41RPM and 0.5m/s wheel surface speed with Pulleys sizes P1=55mm, P2=100mm, P3=15mm and P4=15mm. My current plan is to use 80mm Diameter pulleys for P1 and P2 therefore I only need to print 4 pulleys with the same design and size.

The gearing will then be the following:

P4/P3 = 80/15=5,33 ratio
P1/P2 = 80/15=5,33 ratio

The transition between each pulley with 1000RPM at P4 will translate in to:


P4/P3 = 1000/5,33=187,61 RPM
P1/P2 = 187,61/5,33=35,2 RPM

My goal is a 0.4m/s wheel surface speed. Would give me 0.4*60/0.7225=33 RPM on the wheel shaft. So I am within the limits to achieve that.

So this is the final design of the drive system.

Drive system final design
Drive system final design

Next week the CNC milling of the motor brackets will begin!





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