Second wheel 3d printed with PETG
3d-print robot lawnmower


Tonight Part 10 was finished, the second wheel for the Valify Robot lawnmower. The print took around 44h and conusmed approximately 550grams of PrimaSelect PETG filament. I was running this part with 3 shells and 15% infill because the wheel has to handle bumps and other forces. The part that came out OK. I could see minimal lifting / warping in one place and not sure if this will effect the wheel balance, Need to confirm that. Anyway the robot will drive on lawns and a couple of millimeters out of balance will not effect the overall driving.

All the biggest parts on the first “chassis” is now 3D printed. I have some mounting brackets and other minor details left. Other than that The Chassis-covers is left.

Here is a list off the Parts 3D printed and the Print time and filament consumption. All parts are printed With PrimaSelect PETG:

  • Part 1: 37h, 450grams
  • Part 2: 40, 450grams
  • Part 3: 37h, 450grams
  • Part 4: 33h, 400grams
  • Part 5: 33h, 400grams
  • Part 6: 25h, 350grams
  • Part 7: 45h, 550grams
  • Part 8: 45h, 550grams
  • Part 9: 44h, 550grams
  • Part 10: 44h. 550grams

Gives out a total print time of 383hours and consumption of 4700grams PrimaSelect PETG. Please note that small parts and details are not included!

Second wheel 3d printed with PETG
Second wheel 3d printed with PETG
a quick "assembly" with second 3D printed wheel
a quick “assembly” with second 3D printed wheel
a quick "assembly" with second 3D printed wheel
a quick “assembly” with second 3D printed wheel

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