Test mount motor bracket with brushless motor on Robot
Drive system motors VESC

The New Brushless Motors Spins

Yesterday I received my new brushless motors and VESC. Sadly they forgot too send me the 5.5mm bullets connectors to the VESC phase wires, so I could not test them right away. So I had to put an order of 3 pair of 5.5 mm Bullet Connectors. In anticipation of this, I made a temporary solution so I could take one motor for a spin. The installation went quite easily, I added a XT60 on the power cables and did temporary binding of the phase cables.


I downloaded the BLDC tool here and connected the VESC to a 22.2V LIPO battery and then connecting the USB cable.

I started the VESC tool and pressed Connect (You can see the status at the bottom of the right corner)


Once you have the status connected in the bottom of the right corner you need to read configuration. In this view I changed three values, the Battery cutoff start and the Battery cutoff end (I my case 21,00V and 20,00V) and the Motor Type to “FOC” (field-oriented control).

When done I pressed the (Write configuration).

Then I switched to the FOC Tab.


I changed the Sensor Mode to (Hall) my motors have 120 degree hall effect sensors. Then I needed to Detect and Calculate Parameters.

  • Press Measure R and L (motor will sound make funny noises) You will receive some values.
  • Press Measure A (Req: R) (motor will spin)
  • Press Calc CC (Req: R and L) 
  • Press the apply buttons to the right.

Then I needed too Detect Hall Sensors by pressing (Measure) you will receive values after that hit apply for that.

Now we are good to go. Press (Write configuration)

Now I can test drive the motor with the arrow keys on my keyboard.

here is a small video on first test spin.

So that was the first test of the new motors. Needless to say a bit more tuning is required. But at least I know they are working. Let’s see if I have time tonight to try to connect VESC to Jetson TX2 and test drive via ROS.



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