Manufacturing of aluminum parts
CNC Prototype

Manufacturing of Aluminum Parts

So today we have a guest writer here on My name is Oskar and I was Robins classmate during our product development studies.

Robins asked me for help with some manufacturing of aluminium prototype parts for his lawn mower concept. Since making stuff is a passion of mine I gladly accepted.

Robin and I had a Skype meeting about the parts he wanted me to manufacture. Here we had the opportunity to sort some manufacturing issues out, and make some drawings before I could get going.

In the picture above you can see the finished part. The part is made in a milling machine where I work. One of the biggest issues I had while making this was the length of the part and the work area my machine had. The part was originally about 495mm long and my machine has a working area of 500mm. So after consulting Robin we could shorten the part a few mm without affecting the function.

Manufacturing of aluminum parts
Manufacturing of aluminum parts

During the making of the part I also had the opportunity to make a video from inside the machine. Enjoy! 🙂

For the machining of the second side of the part I had to make a simple fixture to be able to mill with minimum vibrations and without harming the finished product.

This was the first of a few components I’m going to help Robin with, so more to come.




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