3D printing thermal runaway

Part 8, failed 3D print

Part 8 for the Valify Robot has failed. After 20hours the Raise3D n2+  got an thermal runaway error. I was away at work and monitoring the print from my phone. Lucky I could shut the printer down with help of my Fibaro home system (cut the power). When I got home a few hours later I was able to recover the print and the Raise3D n2+ started working again..

I notice that the nozzle temperature was shaky, dropping  very low and peaking  very high. So I knew more or less what the problem was, The ribbon cable and my temporary fix of it. I tore everything away and fix it once again. I could actually recover the print from the last point ones again. But I started to see problems with this print, the support structure began to loosen, the part had lifting in both corner making the part warped. So I decided to abort this print. 20 hours print time lost and around 200-250grams filament.


Here is the failed part:

3D printing thermal runaway
3D printing
3D printing thermal runaway
3D printing thermal runaway

One thing I’ve learned since I start with 3D printing.. Many things can go wrong and you have to monitor long prints.

here is a few tricks which helped me get started very well with a print (with PrimaSelect PETG)

  • preheat the bed long before you actually start printing (Glas surface) I start to heat the bed 30-40minutes before to get  a stable temperature. The glass tends to take longer to heat then what The Raise3D n2+ printer is measuring.
  • tiny over extrusion for the first layer to be sure that it sticks.
  • Always make sure the print surface is nice and clean.
  • Adjust the flow rate for the first layers manually to get a perfect flow rate
  • Get extra a bunch of extra clamps that holds the bed
  • Always make sure all the rods have enough grease and clean them when necessary they should run smoothly if you pull the head by hand.
  • Monitor the print with Webcam and the temperature with Ideamaker now and then.
  • Avoid filament changes if possible


So I have once again started the print. Lets see how it goes!

Raise2d N2+ Ideamaker
Raise2d N2+ Ideamaker

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