Valify robot lawnmower
3d-print Raise3d robot lawnmower Scanse Sweep

So what’s up next?

We are getting closer to have a complete body for the Valify Robot lawnmower. I have  almost printed 24/7 the last week. I have two major parts left on the “chassis” and each part will take 44h to 3D print and consume around 550grams filament. When this parts have been completed the printer will have small brake from big parts. 😉

I have started one of the remaining parts tonight and hopefully it will be finished on monday.

Next prints on raise3d n2+
Next prints


While the printer is working on the two remaining big parts for the chassis, I will have a look at parts to be designed.

From the top of my head:

  • Scanse Sweep mounting bracket
  • Mount Frame for the captive touch screen
  • Battery Box/mounting (4-6pcs of the 22.2v 6s battery)?
  • Nose with camera mounting (should the mount have the abillty to tilt?)
  • Jetson TX2 mounting bracket
  • MISC of electronics board bracket


Small prints that will be printed next:
Concept print of drive-system, before CNC mill

Hopefully lots of parts are arriving this week that lets us continue with the build.

This is the stuff I am waiting for

  • 2pcs Brushless motors
  • 2pcs VESC
  • Silver Steel Shaft (8x500mm) (Will be used for two shafts)
  • 6pcs ball bearings (F688ZZ 5 mm)
  • 20pcs Steel spacer 8 mm
  • 2pcs Clamp ring
  • 10pcs Clamp Disc
  • 300pcs Solar cells
  • 2pcs pulley 100teeth
  • 2pcs pulley 12teeth
  • 2pcs 304mm belt
  • 1pcs GeeekPi 5 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen 800×480 HDMI Monitor


Ones the things have arrived I will be busy for the coming moths.







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