3D printer part for the Valify robot lawnmower
3d-print robot lawnmower

Success! First Part for the Robot is Printed!

Hurray! I woke up early this morning and went to check the print and was excited to see the part. It was looking good! After many trials and tests, I finally seem to have got the settings right for the PrimaSelect PETG filament (at least got it working without any major problems).  So the actual print time landed on 37h (estimated 36h in ideamaker). The filament usage was around 450grams. I printed with a filament temperature of 240C and a bed temp at 80C.

So please note that all pictures in this post is completely untreated and part is completely untouched. It comes straight from the printer. 

Printing the Valify Robot Lawnmower with the Raise3D N2+
Raise3d N2+ finished print.
PrimaSelect PETG Layers at 240C
PrimaSelect PETG Layers at 240C
PrimaSelect PETG Layers at 240C
PrimaSelect PETG Layers at 240C
PrimaSelect PETG Layers at 240C
PrimaSelect PETG Layers at 240C

One of the consequences of printing warmer and with less active cooling with this filament is that bridging becomes more difficult. There is a fine balance between strength and details. In my case I went for strength causing minor bridging problem at the areas marked in the pictures below. I don’t mind (maybe I can add some manual touched on this areas).

PrimaSelect PETG 240C
Bridging PrimaSelect PETG 240

I also had to test a motor mount this morning to test the new design of the easier access hatch for installing the mounts. It worked great. Before I had major problems to actually install the mounts due to the tight area. With the hatch the installation of the mounts wad a simplicity.

Hatch for easier installation of motor mounts
Hatch for easier installation

I have also tried to bend the part and the strength is very good (enough). The part was printed with 3 shells and 10% infill. I arrived at these values after all my tests. There is no idea adding more infill for this robot. Yes I can get even more strength with more infill and more shells, but I also will have a bigger problem printing it, this increases the internal stresses within the model when more material is trying to shrink inwards.


I will to some more checking for the part later tonight. If everything is allright I will start his the 3D print for his twin brother. 🙂


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