3D printed motor mounts with PrimaSelect PETG
3d-print robot lawnmower

Motor Mounts

The other day I 3d printed some tests to calibrate the PrimaSelect PETG filament. One of the tests included the motor mounts for the Robot and they actually came out great. Yes maybe not 100% in beauty, but they are unbreakable (I even hit them with hammer with some minor scratches as a result). So I was quite please with the result. As always I prioritize structure strength before beauty, at least on the mechanical parts.

Top Motor mount 3D printed
Top Motor mount

The motor was mounted without any problems and absolutely in perfect size for the mounts.  On the Robot I will use two pairs of mounts for each motor. I want the motor the be rock solid without any glitches to the body.

Motor mounts Fusion360
Motor Mounts preview

This mounts will be one of those parts you need to make/modify yourself if you want to print the Valify Robot Lawnmower, exception if you have the same motors or exactly the same dimensions as I.


After the calibration of the filament I started once again the first big part of the Robot. I am waiting for it  to be completed in the 3D printer now (around 7hours left) and it looks already pretty sweet. I have not yet found any faults that can lead to a defect part.


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