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Solar panel

DIY Solar Panel (Part 3)

So all parts for the Solar panels is now on its way to their new home. While waiting for the parts to arrive lets write a part 3 for this series after doing some more planing for the actual build.

So lets start with the BOM with prices.

  • VIKOCELL TPE Solar Back Sheet (560mm x 5m) – 30$
  • VIKOCELL Photovoltaic Solar Cells EVA Film Sheet (550mm x 5m) 34$
  • 300pcs 0.12W 0.5V 0.24A 39x19mm Micro Solar Cells 38$
  • Panel Solar Cell Welding Wire Strip kits 20m 1.8×0.16mm Tab Wire, 2m 5×0.2mm Bus Wire, 1 pcs 951 Flux Pen 16$
  • Cover styren-akrylnitril (SAN) – NO NAME(400x600mm) 15$

Grand total: 133$

Yes, maybe a bit expensive, but the the material is sufficient for more than one custom build. I also have some backing diodes left on the list. But I save does for later.

I went for a cover made of plastic SAN. I found it in my local store and was quite pleased with the specs of it. Before I encapsulates the panel I will take the cover for a test spin and see how effective it is.

Here is the Characteristics:

Stiff with high stability
High softening point
UV protected
Moldable with heat
High chemical resistance: withstand most fats, dilute acid solutions, oils and common bleach, some solvents and weak alkaline solutions.

Technical data
Softening point:> 70 ° C ISO 306
Ignition temperature: 400 ° C DIN 51794
Decomposition temperature:> 270 ° C
Density: 1.08 g / cm³ ISO 1183
Fire Information: No flammable properties
Solubility: Insoluble in water. Soluble in aromatic solvents
Approved for food contact: FDA 21 CFR 181.32
Degradation Product: Monomer
Thickness tolerance at 20 ° C
1.5-2.5 mm: ± 10%
> 2.50 mm: ± 5%

Back to the solar cells. So I started to think about the layout and was not happy about that the BUS wire would end up in between each group in the panel. Destroying a nice layout. My goal was to have the entire 600x170mm panel with even spacing between all the the cells (Otherwise, I will not be able to stop thinking about the gap).

So I went back to the drawing board and came out with a pretty sweet layout that would give me even spacing and better performance overall.

Solar panel layout DIY
Solar panel layout

In this layout I mounted the cells vertically which lead to that I could fit 120Cells instead of 108Cells. Also the performance of the entire Panel increased slightly. I could now get 20V, 14.8W. So I think This is the layout I will use.

For a more professorial look I think it is important that everything is straight and all spacing between cells are very even. So therfore I have started to design a template that I will 3D print and then use to fix the cell at soldering. I will simply place the cells in the template and no need for alignment 🙂

I also bought a better soldering iron today. I suppose there will be a lot of soldering in this project as we move further on.

Soldering iron
Soldering iron




Thats it for today. Tomorrow I will post the result of the first print!


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