Belts and Driving Wheels Raise3D N2

Shifted Layers on Raise3D N2+

I started to print the first part for the Valify Robot again after many problems as previously mentioned in the blog.
This print started of great. Layers looked nice, No nozzle oozing, No stringing and the bed adhesion was good. I was a happy camper. It was printing for the entire day and everything looked good. I went to bed thinking everything was fine. (what else can happen right?)

So this is what i woke up to:

Layer shift
Layer shift

The layers had shifted on the X-axis approximately on 115mm. I was quite frustrated about this, the last thing I needed after all other problems. So I first looked around the internet on what can cause such a problem and found some pointers. I started to check if all screws and belts where tighten.

Next step, I started moving the head around on the Raise3D N2+ by hand and found that the X-axis was not moving as smooth as the other axis. It almost felt a bit bumpy at certain positions. So this could be an explanation of shifted layers.

So I wiped away all old grease (very dirty on the front x-axis) with a cloth making it nice and clean, then I applied a new grease, then moving the head back and forth and side to side until everything was moving smoothly. The X-axis felt a lot better now.

So, once again I restarted the print and hopefully the cleaning will take care of this problem. Will will see within the next 30hours 🙂

Belts and Driving Wheels Raise3D N2
Belts and Driving Wheels Raise3D N2




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