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Taking advantage of the sun’s energy

I have been working on the part that will mount the solar panels on top of  the robot. The space for mounting solar panels is approximately 160x520mm. I have been trying to find a working solution on how you can charge 22.2v lipo batteries from small solar panels (no luck yet). The main idea is not that it should be self-sufficient from solar electricity, but it should be an addition to battery and charging and possibly increase driving time slightly. Making it as green as possible.

So I just ordered 300 pcs Polycrystalline Silicon mini Solar Panel. I am going to use them to make my own custom solar panel for the top of the robot. I actually only need 108 of them, but I ordered them from the states, so what the heck, some extra is always great to have. They have the following demension 39x19mm and have the follow specs 0.5v, 0.12W and 0.24A. I will make two separate panels with 2X27 in each (54 cells for each panel ) in each panel the cells will be connected in series producing a theoretically value of 27V, 6,48W and 0.24A Then I will connect the two panels in parallel producing a theoretical value or 27, 12,96W and 0.48A. Let me double check this values again. Since I am writing from my phone 😉

So if you have any suggestions on a solution for this I welcome you to post a comment?


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7 thoughts on “Taking advantage of the sun’s energy”

  1. Solar cell will get HOT!
    Amperage drops when they get hot
    You can make your own capsulent with Lexell clear caulking by reducing the caulking with mineral spirits/paint thinner.
    Back side of cells can be “Lexelled/ encapsulated” to aluminum for a heatsink, Aluminum foil in a “W” pattern can be used as a heatsink, obviously you do not want the heatsink to short out the connections on the back.

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