3DBenchy Apocalypse

So ones again i’m back back with calibration of the PrimaSelect PETG filament. I was starting to print the first part for the Valify robot and I couldn’t get the support structure to stick to the bed (part sticked well). The second  try I gave raft a chance and yes support structure sticked, but the model lifted from the raft, which caused errors in the structure of the model

3D printing error
3D printing error

So now I am back trying to fine tune this filament. I must say this filament is a real ball buster, they claim it is easy to print and compared it with PLA. But I spent the last couples of days printing with all kinds of settings and it seems like you need to have a combination of different settings to be precise otherwise it will fail.

3D printing 3DBenchy
3D printing 3DBenchy

So I think the main problem is the nozzle oozing. Causing Ugly zits and blobs along the outer shell.

I will continue to print 3DBenchys until i nail it. Next step is to turn the flow rate down at the infill to see if its solves the nozzle oozing.

To start with something I made two retract calibration test and both of them turn out fine.

retract calibration test
Retract calibration test


Then I printed two different calibrations cubes one with .25 and a .15

calibration cube test
calibration cube test





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