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Raise3D DualDirect upgrade

I like to modify things and especially when it’s going to make the experience better overall. I have read in many forums that The Raise3D DualDirect upgrade is a good upgrade for the Raise3D N2 because it will solve feeding problems, improves surface quality and make it possible to print with faster speeds with sustained quality. Sounds Good right? I also thought so. You can buy it directly from Bondtech here

The product uses lightweight Nema17 Pancake steppermotors combined with a 3:1 internal gearing ratio and our proven DualDrive gears.The body parts are manufactured with SLS printing in high strength ployamide (nylon).

Drivegears are precision cnc-machined in hardened steel for maximum performance and lifetime.

Original extruder setup on Raise3D is 890g for dual setup this new upgrade is 425g with the included motors and it affects the performance a lot.



The install was quite straight forward and took about 30 minutes. The hardest part was to reduce the power to the motors to 0.5v (current adjustment instructions here). This is done in the electrical box at the bottom of the printer. My printer had around 0.8V original.  Also remember to adjust E-step value: 415. It can be done directly on the printer if you are running Touch panel (0.9.2) (Download here),



It has come to our knowledge that if the ribbon cable to the break-out board gets unplugged when the printer is turned on, thermal runway might happen, make sure that the ribbon cable is securly held in place with hotmelt or a zip tie.



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