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Lokbuild printing surface

Today I received a new building surface, A Lokbuild. I was having so much trouble with my old BuildTak surface to get parts actually sticking to it (small parts went fine). I have been printing on the BuildTak almost everyday for the last 3 months now and also after resurfacing it was not quite as good anymore. So I decided to try something else while waiting for 2 new glass plates for the Raise3D N2. So after reading some reviews I decided to buy a Lokbuild “The ultimate printing surface for 3D printers”.

Lokbuild printing surface

So the installation was quite straight forward. I removed the old Buildtak Surface easily by pulling it from one corner and trying to have a even speed throughout the removal. Some glue was left on the glass, but that was easily removed with some T-Red Kemetyl. Once it had dried properly I pulled away 10cm from the protective plastic at the back of the Lokbuild and simply lined it up straight to the glass plate. When I was happy I fixed these 10 cm without bubbles or wrinkles on the glass and then worked my way up with a plastic tool and at the same time pulled the protective plastic at the back of the Lokbuild leaving no bubbles or wrinkles on the surface (could effect the print). I would say this was a very simple installation.

note: Try not to touch the glass plate with a your fingers, then there is a risk that fat will remain on the glass

If you are installing it on the Original Raise3D glass plate you can buy the 12×12 size (the actual build size). The actual glass plate have the dimensions 330.2 x 339.725mm. The Surface (12×12) should be mounted In the lower left corner (As the picture).

With that said. My first test with it was really successful. My PETG problem was gone. The PETG started to stick quite hard already at 60C. My previous test with the Buildtak needed at lest 80C before it stated to stick (with the same settings). The first layer was looking real good now with the Lokbuild surface. The orange color of the surface was also very good, I could now see my layers much more clearly than before and find problems faster if they should occur. I am now printing some 3D benchys to calibrate it with the PETG once again.

Raise3D Lokbuild
Raise3D Lokbuild
Lokbuild testing
Lokbuild testing

As said before I bought 2 new original glass plates for the Raise3D N2+. I want to have 3 different surfaces in my “toolbox”.
I also ordered some white Buildtaks for printing with black filaments and a PEI sheet from 3DPrima (PrimaFil PEI Ultem Sheet 400x400mm-0.5mm) to be mounted on the new glass plates. This way I can swap between my surfaces if the filament needs it. With the BLtouch installed I can also swap between the sheets without making a manual bed leveling each time I want to use a different surface for the printer.

When I have them in place, I thought I would compare these to each other with the same settings and materials to see which one i prefer.


About Lokbuild printing surface:
LokBuild is the ultimate 3D printing surface for FFF/FDM 3D printers. It is a long lasting alternative to films and tapes.

LokBuild can be easily cut to suit the exact shape and size of your 3D printers build surface. LokBuild is made from uniquely textured sheets that attach to your build plate easily with heat-resistant adhesive backing.

LokBuild replaces the need for blue masking tape or polyimide films such as Kapton Tape. It is made from heat-resistant materials to provide a stable build platform for 3D printed models whilst allowing completed models to be removed easily.

source http://www.lokbuild.com


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