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Printing with PETG (Part 1)

So I have been printing with PrimaValue and PrimaSelect PLA and without any problems. When it comes down to the choice of filament to use for the lawnmower parts I have been told that ASA is to prefer. I have not yet located a 2kg filament spool for this (I like the big ones). So I have now decided to print the first concept with PTEG also from PrimaSelect until I can locate a guide supplier.

As it seems, PETG is difficult to make it stick well on BuildTak. I have spent the entire day trying different settings, but simply its not sticking hard enough. The layers looks quite nice and I only see very small zits.

So I started to print some test parts to try out different temperatures. I also tried a bunch of different Probe offsets setting the Z-offset. In my case varying from P-offset 0.00 as high / -0.150 as low. I did try a lot of different settings but nothing worked good enough.

So I ended up with the following temperatures

  • 235 °C
  • Bed 80 °C

At the end of the day I tried to print with a Raft and it seems to stick good enough at a first glance, but after a few layers its lifting in the corner.


So I removed the buildplate and started cleaning and resurfacing it with a piece of 200 sandpaper to remove the some leftovers from previous prints.  I finish the resurfacing with some 70% alcohol.

Did a test print again. Layers looks nice but it want simply stick hard enough.


Here is a link to the filament Link


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