3d-print Bltouch Raise3d

Raise3D N2+ BLTouch installation

Note: Mounting is done at your own risk. I take no responsibility for any problems with electronics or bed crashes.

This is needed:

BLTouch Smart
ziptie 6-7pcs
2.5m flat cable or spiral cable 5 conductor.
Mount for BLTouch mounting

Begin by placing the cable in the cable chain.

remove plexiglass on the left, right and back.

New cable is mounted on the existing cable with  ziptie.

Remove the lid on the cable duct and pull the new cable out of the duct and into the bottom and up into the electronics box.

Unscrew the left fan and replace the fan bracket with the new one

Time to plug in the cables.

  • 3pin (Brown-GND), (Red + 5V) and (Orange)
  • 2pin (Black) and (White)

  1. Connect Brown on GND and Red on + 5v.
  2. Orange on pin 3 from top to right. (EXP)
  3. White and black is connected to Z-. Card is mounted, the GND is top pin and + in the bottom pin.


Download modified firmware from (Available here). move the .firm file to a USB and insert it into the printer. Go to local storage – usb and press .confirm the file. Confirm the installation that takes about 5min.

Double-check which firmware version you have below (correct should be 1.1.6)

Time to set Z-offset. In the previously downloaded folder there is a ZIP but different gcodes and offsets (NOTE: Always start with one + offset). Move these to a USB stick and insert the printer. Press print and start with +0.4, do not attach the plastic to the substrate is offset too large. Then work down +0.3, +0.2 etc. (NOTE! You can also modify these so it will be a perfect offset for your printer and keep in mind that this is at your own risk.

In the previously downloaded folder there was also a Gcode start code. Paste this into your slicer (This starts printing with an auto leveling that takes about 1min before each print.

my start  code:


G1 Z4

M280 P0 S160







G1 X0 F8000 Y0 F8000

G1 Z15.0 F{travel_speed}

G92 E0

G1 F140 E29

G1 X20 Y0 F140 E30

G92 E0

G1 F{travel_speed}

M117 Printing…


Now try another model and see if we’ve succeeded.


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  1. Did you disconnect the existing Z- plug and substitute the black/white from the BLTouch? Otherwise, everything was crystal clear and very helpful. Thanks.

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