3d-print robot lawnmower

Motor mounts 3D printing

To do something usable by the unsuccessful body part that was printed earlier when my printer got a cable breakage I decided to have it for testing the different parts a good way to see if everything fits together nicely before I print a big part again.

So I printed the front motor mount, the back motor mount and the mount disc. All parts took around 11h and was printed on the same go. All parts fits just perfect to the body. However, I have already come up with some changes to be made. The holes on the body for mounting the mounts are just plane holes now, instead I would prefer to use countersink holes so the body and screws are level and nothing sticks out at the bottom of the mower.

The mount disc should be 2mm smaller in diameter so a o-ring can be fitted for sealing between the part and the body.

I also thinking of making a place in the vertical beam in the center to fit cables and the horizontal beams should maybe use a round support beam instead of a square because its easier to print without support, lets see.


Mount disc
Motor mounts

test mount of jetson tx2 and roboclaw
hole test



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