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Trouble in paradise

So.. with only 37h left on the 132h printing of the first part everything went wrong.

I was going down to the printer in the basement to check the status and I was greeted by a error message on the screen “Board error: Error: Thermal Runaway, system stop”

So I continued to restart the Raise3D printer and got the options for what I could do on the screen.  I chose to try to recover the print from the state it was and it seemed to work fine. It started printing again for around 5 minutes before next error popups on screen “Board error: error:00:Extruder Switched off. MIN…”

So.. I tried to restart it again with same option as before “recover”. This time nothing happened it was just standing there. I waited a few minutes until I felt a very strong burned smell. Then I immediately shut it off.

After a few hours around the raise3d forum I was quite sure that is was the ribbon cable or some cable that was the source of the problem, So I started too check all connections for some loose cable or something else. Nothing was found in the electronic box and all cables on the extruder head seemed to be quite secured. A few hours went by and I started to move the head around and I noticed that it worked in some positions and gave me error when I moved it to the back of the printer. So, With this problem found, I started expreading with different methods to find out where the problem was. I touched the cable chain at different points until I received a screen error. So then I knew that the problem was somewhere in the chain. I assembled apart everything and quickly found this some broken or scratched cables on the the ribbon cable.


I made a temporary fix and now it works as it should. I am now thinking of replacing the ribbon cable with a Chainflex cable. Because this printer is only 2months old and if the quality of the cable is this bad it is worth spending some money to find a better alternative.




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