3d-print Raise3d robot lawnmower

Time for 3D-Printing

To get a better review of the model, it’s time to print it in 3D.

I am using a Raise3D A big machine with a construction surface of 305x305x610 mm. From unpacking to starting print it took about 30min and so far I am pleased with the result.

anyways, First I made a test print scaled down to around 25% of the actual size. I Always do test prints to verify supports and other settings  before moving on to the longer prints.

The test went overall quite well. I am happy with the result so I am moving on the a full-size print. I will now print one of the bigger half in full-size. For this print I will use PLA and .25mm layers. Because it´s a first concept print I will use a infill of 8%. It will consume around 1900g plastic, 630M estimated by IdeaMaker.


Progress after approximately 11h.


49h in to the print. Its eating plastic 🙂

75h in the wheelhouse is almost complete and the print looks aswome!

I have already noted some minor changes to be done in v2. So for second right-half I will try include everything I spot on this first model and then it’s time to print it all over again.

So partly printed half of the body in full-size before my printer failure. I am happy with the result of the partly printed part. I will make some small adjustment before trying to print full-size again.






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