robot lawnmower

Concept of body (plastic)

Mowing on to one of my favorite parts: modeling the body.
I am using Macs at home so I was tired of using SW or Inventor over virtual PC (everything went to slow).

So this is the first project I use Autodesk Fusion 360 insted (a great software and very user friendly).

Size: What size is the perfect one? big, small or something in between? I would say I will aim in something in between, 700x560x226mm.



In my case a wanted to use a 3 blades setup. Making the entire robot’s width as a cut surface. I am planing to use 200mm blades. See the drawing below how the blades will be mounted:

the robot will have two small front wheels in front of right and left blade. Motors will be mounted with two mounts  mounted on the chassis and one disc mount to the wheelhouse. This parts will be separate parts because it should be easy to change motors.









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