Raise3D N2 + 3D Printer

Got a 3d printer today, a Raise3D N2 +.

A big machine with a construction surface of 305x305x610 mm. From unpacking to starting printing it took about 30min and so far I am pleased with the result.
N2 + is delivered with an extruder, or two optional, I chose two, then I intended to use the other for support materials and multi-color prints.

The size of the printer (not the surface of the building) is 520x620x920mm (without cover), which means a rather sturdy machine that takes place. Right now, it’s in my office and due to the noise level, I’ll have to move it down in the basement as it’s considered to be disturbing at night.

In order to have the cap mounted on the machine when I drive PLA, my first printout became two cover holders.
The lock holders were printed in two different prints to test two different templates High Quality – N2 Plus – PLA and Standard – N2 Plus – PLA.
Printing time ended in 7.5 hours and 5.5 hours. The print quality between the two different templates is clearly noticeable, as the surface of the standard becomes more freaky, but still okay. Printing time versus quality, sometimes you may not be able to add a few extra hours just to increase the quality of the surface.

In the coming weeks I will continue experimenting with different filaments, qualities and temperatures to see what it can do. Some of the following filaments will be tested ABS +, PETG, FLEX, CARBON and METAL.


raise3d n2 print
Print lid holder
finished lid holder








Car part with support material.
car part










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