Valify Robot

Drive system VESC

3D-printed OpenTorque Actuators

Ardumower 2.0

Ardumower Arctic Hare (Update 2)


OpenLiDAR (360 degrees LiDAR project)

3d-print robot lawnmower

Ardumower Arctic Hare

realsense ROS sweep

360 LiDAR and AMCL localization – Virtual fences

valify test drive
robot lawnmower

The Robot is alive – First test drive

VESC_packet.cpp fix vesc fw3.3
motors ROS VESC

ROS Driver VESC 3.33 Firmware Fix

Drive system assembly
Drive system robot lawnmower ROS

Drive System Assembly + Testing VESC

3D mapping with depth camera and octomap and humanoid_localization

ROS World – Sensor Simulation, Mapping & Localization

3D Printing wheel arches

3D Printing Wheel Arches

A pair of motor brackets completed
3d-print CNC Drive system

Project Update CNC milling & 3D printing

3D printed front nose
3d-print robot lawnmower

Design of Front Nose

3D printed lawnmower assembly
robot lawnmower

Saturday’s Night Fun

3D printer filament stock

My Filament Stock

Drive system final design
Drive system

Drive System Design Completion

VESC FOC Encoder position control

Rotary Position Sensor + VESC


Compile Custom Firmware VESC Mac OSX

motors VESC

AS5047D high-resolution rotary position sensor + VESC

3d printed robot assembly
robot lawnmower

Quick Post: This is how it looks like

AS5048A 1x8 pin header

AS5048A Rotary Position Sensor + VESC

Removing R11-13 VESC
motors VESC

VESC Remove Hall Sensor Filter

Tachometer RPM measure
Drive system motors

Gearing Ratio and Pulley Designs

Drive system motors robot lawnmower

Drive System Test & Encoder discussion

Capacitive TouchScreen mounted on Valify robot
Jetson tx2

Capacitive TouchScreen running on Jetson TX2

Scanse Sweep mounted on robot
robot lawnmower ROS Scanse Sweep sweep

Scanse Sweep 3D Printed Mounting Bracket

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